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Alex Hiam's The Book & Car Book Cover

For fiction readers from 4th through 8th grade, The Book & Cat: A Very Dangerous Bookstore is full of fun plot twists and surprises, both for Sam (short for Samantha), our main character, and the reader. When Sam's parents disappear, forcing her to stay with her mother's distant cousin who is an eccentric mathematician, she soon discovers that equations can open doors to parallel worlds--especially in front of the mysterious bookstore on his block.

Book and Cat Image
Book and Cat image

She meets Samuel, a double who doesn't prove all that helpful in her quest to avoid the people hunting her across worlds. Then another double pops up--and things get really crazy! Between the gravitational waves (portals open at the nexus of multiple waves), the strange plot to divert gold dust and control the world's precious metals, and the annoying habit of her enemies dropping grand pianos on her, there is a lot going on in The Book & Cat to amuse middle-grade readers and all who love a fabulist mystery adventure. Coming to Amazon Fall - 2023.


Norah is a girl on summer vacation. Who would ever think that a crow witch might turn her into a mouse? But it turns out that her great aunt, who lives 'in the middle of nowhere', is herself a powerful witch, and her neighbor is too—but not a very nice one.


Follow Norah's adventures as she forms an alliance with a friendly cat named How and rescues the witch' victims. Finally back in human form again, Norah decides it may not be so bad to spend the summer with Great Aunt Isobel after all. It's not every summer that a girl gets to study witchcraft. (Elementary to middle school readers.)


Falcon has no idea she's special until a crazy uncle comes to visit and tells her she's Val, short for Valukar, the real vampires upon which the stories are based. And then her fangs drop down for the first time. Blood definitely sets off the reaction, with her senses heightening and animal strength flooding her body. But who exactly is she becoming?


Could she really be the last of an ancient line of super hunters? Apparently the government thinks so, since they want to d take her to a research facility and turn her genome into a new kind of super-soldier.


Fortunately, Falcon and her friend Hedges, along with their new friend Amira, stay a half step ahead of the agents. Too bad Amira's grandfather, the head of the local Valukar families, sells them out in order to get rid of Falcon and the threat to their peace that she represents.


(Grades six through ten and up. Some violence and teenage crushes.)

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In this magical adventure, five teenagers come together to pursue their education at a very untraditional school: A long defunct academy of magic that they decide to revive and run on their own. But first, they must avoid becoming subjects of an experiment run by a shadowy government agency that is tracking down anyone who exhibits a natural talent for witchcraft and sorcery.

Nivian (but call her Nivi) stumbles upon a strange door in downtown Boston on her way to a new job as a telemarketer. When she opens it, she finds herself in a magical library where she is soon studying sorcery instead of sales. Peregrine, a young Black scholar and spray-paint muralist who has trouble with wind (it tends to waft him away), also finds himself recruited for magical training.


They both pulse with power and have trouble controlling it, but can they master their magic in time to escape the federal agents who seem determined to track them down? Then a third student, Niss, who prefers they/them and can trace their lineage all the way back to the Salem witches, joins their fight. Who will they meet next—and will Merlin, the professor who has offered to teach them, prove to have an agenda of his own?

Suited for middle and high school readers. Sequel to come.

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