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As if life isn't already complicated when you have to sneak out a magical side door and enter a different century just to get to school each morning. 


And now Silent has to figure out what happened to her beloved Aunt Generous, the woman who raised her--which would be complicated enough even if CIA agents in black SUVs weren't chasing her--but they definitely are!

The magical birdcage was in the attic, and when fifteen-year-old Silent discovers its secret and receives a message from her (allegedly deceased) aunt, this story is off to a rollicking start that is sure to capture the enthusiasm of readers 10 to 100.


Plot Hint: There seem to be two Newbury Streets, one at least a hundred years in the past and brimming with alchemy and magic.


Bonus: Free Teacher/Student Curriculum available in our Teachers Lounge!

This signed collectible edition is Part one of a two part series by Author, Alex Hiam.

Collectible - Signed Edition -Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key

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