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Get the collectible signed two part series by Alex Hiam!


In the Side Door Key, a​​​​​​As if life isn't already complicated when you have to sneak out a magical side door and enter a different century just to get to school each morning. And now Silent has to figure out what happened to her beloved Aunt Generous, the woman who raised her--which would be complicated enough even if CIA agents in black SUVs weren't chasing her--but they definitely are!


The magical birdcage was in the attic, and when fifteen-year-old Silent discovers its secret and receives a message from her (allegedly deceased) aunt, this story is off to a rollicking start that is sure to capture the enthusiasm of readers 10 to 100.


Plot Hint: There seem to be two Newbury Streets, one at least a hundred years in the past and brimming with alchemy and magic.


Bonus: Free Teacher/Student Curriculum available in our Teachers Lounge!


In the Oxford Advetnure, you’d think starting high school is challenging enough, but in her very first week, Silent is the subject of numerous near-death attacks. Is someone testing her magical abilities, just plain out to get her, . . . or both?

This white-knuckle adventure pits Sie and Raahi against the mysterious Hunt Club, which is manipulating them—along with a suspicious trio of otherworld triplets named April, May, and June—in a transatlantic plot of frightening proportions. The ultimate goal?


Otherworld magic that just might be powerful enough to accomplish the club’s mission of conquering the world.

And then there are the giant bees...

Collectible - Signed Editions - Silent Lee Bundle

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